Who's that girl?


Beauty Barzz



 Shantyl aka BeautyBarzz, was born and raised in and around the Philadelphia area. From the early stages of her life, she always had the impulse to be compassionate and loving. She is a mother of seven beautiful children; a sister, a daughter, a friend and so much more. Like any other person, she has experienced her fair share of hardships, loss, and tragedy. And like many others, she wandered down a road of self-harming behavior. Shantyl developed a dependency on drugs and alcohol, and thought that this was her fate. It wasn't until Shantyl accepted Christ that she finally began to see and realize her self-worth and potential. Now, Beauty Barzz is a gospel rapper, minister, motivational speaker, influencer and more. Beauty Barzz is not ashamed of her past, and she shares it openly, because she understands that in order to reach people, they have to know that you've been through the trenches. She has been through those trenches. But now, Beauty Barzz is choosing to use her life as an example of what God can do for those who accept Him. God has blessed Beauty Barzz with many gifts, and she has dedicated her life to helping others. One of the main goals on her agenda,is to find a way to help girls and young women, who are struggling to overcome the obstacles that society has placed in their path. Shantyl believes that nothing changes if nothing changes. Therefore, she approaches life with a true Christian philosophy of extending grace, mercy, forgiveness, and patience, in every situation. She is constantly in prayer for those who need it, and she will follow what God puts on her heart. She  chose to love, not only because it's the right thing to do, but because hate drains the soul. She is not perfect, but she tries to be her best self each and every day that she wakes up. Beauty Barzz lives on the life verse Proverbs 3:5-6 and it has been nothing but a blessing to her life. She hopes to be able to help save souls and bring the lost closer to Jesus Christ. One of her main sayings is , “I know people will go through things, but I don't want them to go through them the way I did, alone not knowing Christ”.